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Feedback on this image

woodmanben 28 January 2017 17:10:51
I really like these sketches! Your perspective and lighting are spot on, and the design is great (especially the taillights). I like the front face but I'm not in love with it like the rest of the sketch. Consider tweaking the vents by making them a bit larger. I know it's an electric powertrain but even batteries need some cooling, and I think a larger grille would make it look cooler and more powerful overall. Great work!

HDKdesigner in reply to woodmanben 28 January 2017 21:40:34
Thanks, I'm glad you like them! I definitely see where you are coming from in regards to the grill, but I've messed around with the front end of this design a lot and I am pretty happy with how it looks right now. I'm not too worried about the functionality of the vents in the grille since there would be plenty of air flowing beneath the vehicle to cool components. I do appreciate the feedback, though.

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