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gettin around town with the crowd nickelboy8

Story I choose A1. The reason I want a self driven car is because I want to feel the car. I want to feel the power of the car. I want to feel the drive of the car. How it handles and how it reacts to many different situations. I also chose B1. The car will be a city sports car. It will be adaptable for families as well as those who seek more adventures. The people I want to direct this car towards are those who are adventurous risk takers. The people that want to stand out from the crowd. I want to bring back the classic Impala. The one with power and was fierce. The one you drove by and knew it was strong. I want to bring it back with an extraordinary V8 engine that has great fuel economy but the power of a V10 engine. I want this car to represent original muscle car power that will blow all other cars away. This car is not meant to just be the soccer mom car but to be able to have the parents have a night out on the town. This is a car for long road trips and those who want to seek out new locations to explore. This car would be available in two and four door options. I want tis car to be the most dependable car on the market. It will have all the amenities of the current day and it will push the envelope for connectivity, convenience, extremely low maintenance, as well as power backup availability that can get you back home in times of serious need.

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Comments on this project

Abhijeet Kumar 14 December 2016 13:40:51
The story you narrated in your Design brief talks about your sentiment and passion towards American muscle cars. You are thinking deep into it and it sounds so much Chevrolet - every day hero, honest, dependable, mighty, flamboyant and also the attributes of the future. The view you have chosen for your sketch is not a easy one where you see the side of the car the front/rear and the top as well and you have good shading skills to bring out the form. However, I would like you to sketch in other views like the eye level perspective which shows some different but basic aspect of the car like stance and proportions. Try lots of them without getting in details like wheel design and door handles for example. If you have youtube access, then you can also learn a few technique to draw perspective drawings to set up your wheels and plane of sketching. This is a great start and looking forward to more exploration sketches. You can also think of making a mood board / inspiration board that helps explaining your concept better. Thanks!

nickelboy8 in reply to Abhijeet Kumar 05 January 2017 02:34:42
I have added to my storyline several drawings. I just figured out after making a couple comments why you had not responded to me. Please check out what I have added and give me an update as to what your suggestions are and where I need to go with what I have. Thanks

Abhijeet Kumar in reply to nickelboy8 10 January 2017 12:57:31
You have shown a few different ideas to go about your storyline, but I think the one which fits the brief appropriately is the 3rd image from last (Front toppish view of the sports car). I think you should finalize that concept and work on other perspective angles as well. I see you trying the front and the rear perspectives which tells about the clarity in your thought, but may be you need to sketch on a Eye level perspective where you see very less of the roof. This might just help getting your stance and proportions right. You can try improving these sketches as they are looking narrow compared to your top view sketch. Sometimes side view works a great deal in setting up your car since you have a fair Idea of what is going on all around the car. Regarding Interiors, the sketches are nice but it takes a lot of time to refine them, so I suggest you to concentrate on exteriors and get to a mind blowing theme. Thanks!

nickelboy8 18 December 2016 18:35:51
thank you for your input, I will be sure to do that with this drawing and my next drawing. I went back in with an outliner and went over the lines if you would like to see that. and for our next stage I have a few questions for my adventure vehicle. It is just my first sketch I plan to do other angles But for my drawing what are some tips on things to change to make it look like a 2030 adventure vehicle. And also what are some tips for interior design for the next stage, what are you guys looking for when talking about interior design

nickelboy8 05 January 2017 02:32:35
I have added several drawings to give more opportunity for input and direction. Thanks for your assistance.

Abel Sampson 17 January 2017 11:40:30
We need to see your final postings and proposal. The Semi Final stage will close on the 20th Jan at which point the GM Mentors will select the 10 Finalist.... This is your final chance to become a finalist and we need you to refine your sketches to include your exterior and interior design... Good Luck....


nickelboy8 in reply to Abel Sampson 19 January 2017 00:26:42
My second entry is the adventure vehicle. And again it is self driven. My adventure vehicle is for the adventurous type person, the person wanting to make new discoveries, and for the person that wants to take on new terrains and tackle anything standing in their way. It has the ability to go in the city and not be a nuisance when driving on the main roads. This vehicle comes as a two door "sport" utility adventure vehicle. This sports utility comes with two wheel drive but has the option to go all wheel drive. With the two wheel drive it can improve fuel economy when on the go in the city and on the highway, and with the option of all wheel drive you can tackle the toughest terrains there are. It has a v-6 turbo charged engine with hybrid electric power for use around town. Tthe v-6 turbo charged engine gives you the power to "go". I want to keep the traditional power and the traditional stance with the adventure vehicles of the past and in today with that rough and tough mentality that can take a beating and still push through anything you put it through.

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